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Committed legal representation with
personalized strategies for your family law
or criminal defense issue in Sherman, Texas.

Call for a free consultation with an attorney  903-357-5269

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Tenacious Legal Representation A Commitment To Results

Jeremy J. Poet Law Firm, PLLC, offers dedicated legal representation for defense against criminal allegations and family law cases in Grayson County, Texas. Our professional team combines strategy, innovative solutions and preparedness to offer exceptional representation for your legal issue. Founding attorney, Jeremy J. Poet, is a relentless advocate for his clients in both state and federal courts. He is committed to solving legal problems at their roots for truly valuable results.

Custom Strategies

Minimizing DWI charges or achieving a desired divorce settlement will require a thoughtful strategy based upon your unique circumstances. We begin with a strategic approach designed to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Attorney Jeremy J. Poet plans for a number of possible tactics, quick to counter the other party’s move.

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Innovative Solutions

We cultivate personal relationships with our clients because we want to hear your full story. We work to untangle your legal issue thread by thread to get to the center of the problem. Once we fully understand your circumstances, then we can offer you a clear solution. We implement creative problem-solving to discover the best strategy, even when it is unconventional.


Success Through Preparation

We will listen, research and investigate to help you achieve successful results. We arrive to sessions prepared with tailored legal strategies. We focus on negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods whenever they benefit your case. While peaceful solutions are often preferred, we will litigate to fight for your rights. Attorney Jeremy J. Poet is a tenacious trial attorney experienced in both state and federal courts. Our firm will not back down against difficult or complex cases.

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Jeremy J. Poet

Jeremy J. Poet

Schedule a personal consultation today with Attorney Jeremy J. Poet. Together you will discuss the circumstances of your legal issue and your priorities. He will help you create a plan to achieve your case goals. Call our office located in Sherman, Texas, at 903-357-5269 or fill out our online contact form.