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How long do you pay child support on a disabled child?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Family Law

Typically, child support payments end when a child becomes an adult because the child should be able to support themselves and make their own financial decisions. However, this isn’t always the case with special needs children. If you have a disabled child who still needs to be cared for, you might be paying child support long after they turn 18.

Since raising a disabled child can be expensive, the law sees this as an economic hardship, but you might still have to pay child support to ensure that the child has a high standard of living. You can talk to a family law attorney if you want to request an end to your child support obligations; however, the judge might rule in favor of the custodial parent. Your child support payments could cover medical expenses like medication, surgeries, in-home nursing, surgeries, facility care and more.

How can you request a child support adjustment?

Sometimes, paying child support can be a strain on your finances. If you’re raising a disabled child, you might be paying for child support much longer than you thought you would. An attorney may help you petition for a child support modification and request a more manageable monthly payment. They might also help you end your child support obligation once the child becomes an adult.

Your attorney may calculate you and your spouse’s incomes to figure out a fair amount of child support. If you suspect that your former spouse isn’t being completely honest about their income, your attorney might also help you uncover the truth. The custodial parent may have rights, but you have rights that need to be protected as well.