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Helping You Navigate Complex Texas Child Support Statutes

Texas law provides a set of statutory guidelines to assist with the calculation of child support when a child’s parents are divorcing or do not live together. These guidelines consider a number of factors, including the income levels of both parents and the number of children needing support. The court also has the authority to order child support outside of the guidelines in high net worth and certain other situations.

These proceedings can become quite complex, and the assistance of an experienced attorney can be invaluable. At Jeremy J. Poet Law Firm, PLLC, we represent clients in family law matters involving the establishment and enforcement of child support matters in Sherman. Whether you are the parent who is seeking support or the one who will likely be required to pay it, we work hard to ensure our clients receive the most favorable child support order possible.

Full Disclosure Of Income In Child Support Cases

While the guidelines provide a good way to calculate how much support should be paid in a given situation, the outcome can only be as good as the accuracy of the income data entered into them. When you choose our firm, we do everything in our power to ensure we have a complete financial picture before any calculation is performed.

We conduct a thorough review of both parents’ incomes at the outset of each proceeding. If there is any reason to believe the other parent has not made a full disclosure of his or her income, we will enlist the help of forensic accountants and other experts who can help us identify all income that should be considered for child support purposes.

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