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Spousal Support After Divorce

Spousal support, also known as alimony, consists of temporary monthly payments from one spouse to the other after divorce. Spousal support may be needed if one spouse does not have enough income or earning potential to support themselves. The payment amount and duration may be determined in court by a judge, based upon a number of factors. The court will consider the following topics and more:

  • Income levels and earning potential
  • Age and length of the marriage
  • Current child support orders
  • Education levels and employment history

Avoid A Costly Mistake With Help From An Attorney

A spousal support order based upon inaccurate terms can turn into a costly mistake down the road. It is important to receive assistance from an experienced family law attorney to attain a fair and accurate spousal support agreement. Jeremy J. Poet Law Firm, PLLC, provides skilled guidance to help clients in Sherman achieve the correct spousal support order.

Amicable agreements often reduce the stress and cost of litigation. We are experienced in alternative dispute resolution methods and can help you come to a compromise. We can assist you in negotiating the conditions of your divorce and spousal support agreement outside of court. These methods allow you to collaborate on an agreement on your own terms, beyond typical court standards.

While alternative dispute resolution methods may be preferable, they are not always practical. Disagreements may occur when both parties cannot come to a solution. As a tenacious trial attorney, Jeremy J. Poet is prepared to advocate on your behalf in high-conflict cases.

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