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Fighting To Protect Fathers’ Parental Rights

In the process of resolving any divorce, many fathers feel they are fighting an uphill battle from the outset, and rightly so. For decades, the so-called “tender years” doctrine gave mothers unreasonably broad parental rights compared to those of fathers. Even though it is no longer the law in Texas, the doctrine continues to influence the courts’ decisions regarding fathers’ rights.

At Jeremy J. Poet Law Firm, PLLC, we represent fathers in all aspects of divorce. We understand how difficult it can be when mothers choose to use a father’s relationship with his children as a bargaining chip in a contested divorce. You can rely on us to pursue every available option to ensure your parental rights are protected unconditionally.

Skillful Representation In Complex Child Custody Matters

We have seen countless cases where mothers will fight for primary custody, officially known as a sole managing conservatorship, and seek to reduce the father’s access to scheduled visitation. In many instances, these actions are initiated solely for the purpose of getting child support.

Both parents work in most households, and their income levels are often quite equitable. We take a strategic approach to these cases. We enlist the help of child psychologists and other experts to present the strongest possible case in support of an order for a joint managing conservatorship, or joint custody.

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