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Helping You Through Some Of Life’s Most Difficult Times

If you are going through a divorce, it is important you have strong legal representation beside you at all times. These are emotional proceedings that involve complex laws. Having a lawyer who understands the law and can remain objective during such an emotional time will help ensure your interests are protected to the fullest possible extent.

From our office in Sherman, we offer clients a strong background of experience representing North Texas clients in a wide array of contested and uncontested divorce matters. At Jeremy J. Poet Law Firm, PLLC, we are particularly adept at the handling of high net worth divorces involving complex estates. We understand the unique challenges and concerns that arise in these cases, and we utilize proven strategies to secure favorable results for our clients.

Creating Customized Solutions To Accommodate Your Unique Needs

We know every divorce is different, and no single solution will fit each client’s situation. We work closely with each client to understand the specific concerns, goals and expectations for the case. We develop a customized approach designed specifically to address those needs and diligently pursue a settlement that accommodates them.

We understand the anxiety clients experience in the midst of a divorce, and we work hard to obtain the best result with the minimum amount of stress. However, we are prepared to take any necessary steps to protect your interests. We prepare every case as if it was going to trial. While we always attempt to negotiate a fair settlement, we will not hesitate to go to court if negotiations fail to provide the desired outcome.

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