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Working To Keep Your Record Clean And Your Good Name Intact

If you are arrested for a crime in Sherman or elsewhere in North Texas, details of the arrest and the alleged crime will be added to your criminal record. These details are visible to prospective employers, lenders, landlords and anyone else who runs a criminal background check on you. These arrest records can damage your reputation, even if you were cleared of the charges.

Under Texas law, if you were found not guilty or the charges against you were dismissed, the arrest records associated with the offense can be removed. This process is commonly referred to as expungement or expunction. In addition, if you received deferred adjudication and successfully fulfilled all the requirements, you may be eligible to have the records suppressed through a petition for nondisclosure.

These are complex processes that require the attention of a reliable criminal defense lawyer. Be sure you choose a firm you can trust to properly handle your case.

Understanding The Law Regarding Expungement

At Jeremy J. Poet Law Firm, PLLC, we can assist you in expungement and petition for nondisclosure matters. We have a complete understanding of the law surrounding these cases, and we can help you navigate the process of clearing your criminal record.

We take the time to conduct a thorough review of your criminal record to determine which items can be expunged. If you were convicted of a crime and did not receive deferred adjudication, the record is not eligible for expungement. We provide an honest assessment of your case regarding which items are eligible and the benefits of seeking removal or suppression.

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