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Get Immediate Assistance For Family Violence And Neglect

Family violence should never be tolerated. It is important to contact legal assistance right away if you fear for your or your child’s safety at home. You can receive immediate protection through an emergency temporary restraining order in Sherman.

An emergency temporary restraining order will enforce legal conditions on an alleged violent partner. The order may require them to stay out of the home and away from you and your children for a period of 14 days or until further order of the court. The conditions will likely prohibit any contact with you for the duration of the order. This will give you time to breathe and think about your next steps.

Representation For Temporary Restraining Orders And Protective Orders

At Jeremy J. Poet Law Firm, PLLC, we have extensive experience assisting individuals and parents with petitions for temporary restraining orders in cases of family abuse. We often assist clients with plans for divorce and child custody orders alongside restraining orders.

An emergency temporary restraining order should not be mistaken for a protective order. A protective order is longer lasting (up to two years). These orders are taken seriously by the court, and you will need an experienced lawyer as your advocate in the hearing. As a skilled criminal defense and family law attorney, Jeremy J. Poet understands how to build a strong case to win a protective order.

Modifying Child Custody Orders Due To Violence Or Neglect

If you share child custody with an abusive or negligent parent, then it is possible to modify existing child custody orders. We can assist in filing a petition for child custody modification to better suit your situation. If there have been incidences of abuse, neglect or substance abuse by a parent, then the safety of your child will be the highest priority of the court.

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If you or your child is facing violence or neglect at home, then contact our office immediately. We can assist in filing a petition for an emergency temporary restraining order, as well as advise you on your next steps. Schedule a consultation today by calling our office at 903-357-5269 or fill out our online contact form.