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What To Do When Facing A Violation of Probation

If you have broken the terms of your probation order, or community supervision order, then you could face penalties and time in prison. If it was a minor violation, then you may face manageable consequences from your probation officer. A serious violation can cause the district attorney to file a motion to revoke your probation, which will lead to a warrant for your arrest. This could lead to serious consequences, including long-term imprisonment. It is important to get assistance from a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney when facing a violation of probation in Sherman.

Find A Skilled Legal Representative To Protect Your Rights

At Jeremy J. Poet Law Firm, PLLC, we have extensive experience in assisting clients facing violations of probation. We can advocate on your behalf and advise on your next best steps. You may have violated your probation terms if you:

  • Missed appointments with your corrections officer
  • Failed to report important information to your representative
  • Left the county or state without consent
  • Failed drug or alcohol testing
  • Conducted illegal criminal activity

The allegations against you may be incorrect or you may have a valid reason for violating the terms of your probation. No matter the reason for the violation, we can help defend your case and negotiate the penalties. It is important to have a skilled representative explain your story and your circumstances in the hearing. A strong and detailed defense can protect your freedom.

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If you believe that a motion to revoke probation may be filed against you, then contact our office today to schedule an appointment with a lawyer. Your first consultation is always free. We will discuss the terms of your probation and how we can help you. You can reach our office by calling 903-357-5269, or fill out our confidential online contact form.