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Protecting The Rights Of People Accused Of Family Violence

The state of Texas takes accusations of domestic violence very seriously. Prosecutors can and often will move forward with these cases even when alleged victims wish to drop them. A conviction on domestic or family violence charges can result in a variety of severe penalties, including the permanent loss of your right to possess a firearm.

If you have been arrested for any offense related to family violence or domestic assault and abuse, it is important you have a strong defense team with the ability to protect your interests. At Jeremy J. Poet Law Firm, PLLC, we provide proactive defense representation against a broad range of domestic violence and related charges in Sherman.

Understanding The Law Surrounding Domestic And Family Violence

There can be a great deal of confusion about the circumstances that can give rise to family violence charges. Many people believe family violence can only occur between married couples or parents and their children. Under the Texas Family Code, however, family violence can also occur between people who are related by blood, foster parents and foster children, divorced spouses, current and former housemates, parties to a current or former dating relationship and parents of the same child who have never been married.

We have extensive experience representing clients in all aspects of these cases. From challenging a protective order that could keep you out of your home and away from your children to defending you against criminal charges, we work tirelessly to resolve your case in a way that fully protects your rights and freedom.

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